Foundation for Integrated Medicine Questionnaire
Mediators Questionnaire
Antecedents Questionnaire
Triggers Questionnaire
Effects Questionnaire
Reducing Questionnaire
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Welcome to The Health-MATE Questionnaire, your Key to Power Healing. This questionnaire is adapted from POWER HEALING (Random House, 1998) by Dr. Leo Galland.

The first four questionnaires are represented by the word M - A - T - E. The fifth questionnaire, Reducing the Risks, is a summary of the first four sections. 

1.  MEDIATORS are the secret agents of illness. Click to purchase Power Healing!
2.  ANTECEDENTS make you likely to get a particular illness.
3.  TRIGGERS provoke your symptoms.
4.  EFFECTS are what you feel.

The goal of POWER HEALING is to enable you to say YES to the following statements:

My energy is excellent.

My sleep is sound and satisfying.

I am calm and focused.

My moods are stable.

I enjoy being alive.

NOTE: The answers supplied by completing this questionnaire are designed to complement, not substitute for, a conventional medical diagnosis. They supply information about you as an individual and the manner in which dis-harmonies or imbalances may be affecting your health or your ability to recover from illness. Each section of the questionnaire corresponds to sections found in POWER HEALING.




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